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Below you can learn what our patients have to say about dental care at Atlanta West Dentistry. Our practice works hard to help you get the care you need. We offer high-quality service in a comfortable atmosphere to create the best experience possible for our patients.

Please take the time to browse our Marietta patient testimonials. Our long list of happy patients reflects our commitment to delivering top-tier dental care. Be sure to take a look at our smile gallery as well.

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Bonnie on restoring her confidence in her smile
Alissa Hayworth Smith on Saving Her Smile - Atlanta West Dentistry - Marietta, GA
Becky McKenzie on Her Experience with Dental Implants - Atlanta West Dentistry - Marietta, GA
Bella had many dental works done on her. She got her cavities filled, got crowns on her front teeth, undergone root canal procedure. And she's getting braces as well to straighten her teeth. But the main reason why Bella likes and trusts Atlanta West Dentistry is because of the comfort and friendliness of the staff and dentists. She didn't even feel like she's in a dentist office.
Dolores needed an implant but her main concern is that she doesn't want to be referred to different specialists for every another procedure. One of the unique qualities that she likes about Atlanta West Dentistry is that, it offers general dentistry and all procedures can be done under the same place. 
The first time Gene came in at Atlanta West Dentistry, he was apprehensive but the staff and the doctors calmed him down. He didn't even understand how he was calmed down, but he really felt very comfortable.
John have had a lot of cosmetic dentistry done on him. Atlanta West Dentistry just made him a beautiful smile that his confident with. Now, his personally has changed, and really boost his confidence. 
Kaj still remember his experiences with a dentist when he was a kid. He's screaming and crying. Since then, he couldn't even walk into a dentist's office.

After many years, he realized the need to go to a dentist and take care of his dental health. Learning sedation dentistry at the Atlanta West Dentistry, his perception about dentist has changed. 
Kevin have had almost all the dental work done on him. From extractions to dental bridge and tooth fillings, now he have a mouth and teeth that he's no longer to show. The process was very smooth, and would highly recommend Dr. Watson to anybody.
Ray had his dentures dropped and it broke. So he went to Atlanta West Dentistry to have it fixed and he got it back the same day. He got implants and it fits perfectly that he's able to eat he wants, from hard foods to soft foods. 

He's very happy with his dentures, and thought as the best ones he ever had.
Susan had an accident when she was young that caused her to have caps, eventually needed to be replaced. She's decided to get an implants, and was very excited about it knowing that she can be able to eat and smile with confidence.

She was expecting it to be painful but never had experience any pain during procedure, and she was very happy with it.
Tedra had a lot of problems with her teeth. She couldn't eat, she's in pain, but Atlanta West Dentistry have helped her and treat her problems, that changes her life immensely. 
She was referred to Atlanta West Dentistry by a friend who said that this is a place to come for patients with dental anxiety. And it was. Brenda was comfortable at whatever procedure she need to be done. She had her old metal fillings replaced with tooth-colored fillings.
The first time he walk in the office, he already experience completely different than any other dentist. Christopher has been very satisfied and very comfortable with the experiences and the dental work that have done on him.
Steve had a problem with his over bite that is going deeper and deeper. He had been to a couple of dentist until he got impressed with Dr. Travis Watson of Atlanta West Dentistry. He's very comfortable and feels part of the team. At the same time, his problem was corrected and got a pretty good result.
He was having a terrible toothache on a holiday. He call our office for dental emergency. He got his medicine, he was cleared up. Within a week he's already okay.
He was having a terrible toothache on a holiday. He call our office for dental emergency. He got his medicine, he was cleared up. Within a week he's already okay.
She already recommended Atlanta West Dentistry to her family and friends because of the great experience she received. 
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Patient Interview: Quinise Arnold
Barbara F. on bringing her senior parents to Atlanta West Dentistry
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Atlanta West Dentistry is led by Dr. Travis WatsonDr. Cameron B. Watson, and Dr. Lauren Bowersox. Our patient-centered dental practice is dedicated to providing comprehensive and advanced dentistry in a comfortable and anxiety-free environment. Our professional affiliations include:

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  • The Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation
  • The American Academy of Implant Dentistry
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